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We are a family owned and operated holistic health practice where we offer a simple approach to wellness for the mind, body and soul. We connect with our clients to create steps towards their goals in relationships, physical healing, emotional well-being and more! We utilize a variety of self-healing modalities where our clients feel supported to journey together and tune in to what they truly need.


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What Our Clients Say

Jen L.

St. Petersburg, FL

I am so grateful to have met Hil and Vil and am very glad that I decided to make a healthy investment in bioscan feedback and therapy. I have digestive and endocrine system issues that we are trying to tackle. After each session I feel my nervous system relax and start again from a calm state. Hil and Vil are so kind, generous, and thoughtful with their time. I am never rushed and they really listen to what I have to say and/or how I am feeling that day. Thank you for all of your support and compassion.

We sincerely hope you experience positive benefits in all that you do!

With Love,

Hilary Reinglass & Vilija Tamulynas, Owners

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St. Pete Heights

St. Petersburg, FL


(708) 571-0163



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